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Assessment & Reporting



Assessment is the means by which we gather information and evidence on which to make professional judgements about children’s achievements and monitor their progress.

At Shawhead children are assessed in a variety of ways. On-going classroom observation, general marking and regular discussion contribute to informal assessment. Formal assessment includes specific planned assessment activities and standardised assessments. Each child has their own individual Personal Learning Plan. Working alongside their class teachers, targets are identified in language, maths and citizenship.   These targets are identified on a termly basis and PLPs are sent home to parents termly.   These PLPs form the basis of regular reports to parents. Each child has an individual assessment folio and throughout the term samples of work that display the level attained are added to the folder.



Parents are invited to meet with the class teachers in October and May to discuss their child’s progress. We have an open door policy, so if parents ever have any queries about their children’s learning they can contact the school for an appointment to see their child’s teacher. In addition to this, a Personal Learning Plan for your child will be sent home in September, November, January and April. This PLP contains information about your child’s progress as well as an overview of what they will be learning in the next session. In January and June a written report will be included in the PLP.


Pupil Folios

Through their primary years pupils will be asked to keep a folio of their work.   This folio should be reflective of all curricular areas, achievements and attainments made. The folio will be kept in school and pupils will be allowed to retain this work at the end of their P7 year.


Pupil Profiles

A profile is a snapshot of a child’s or young person’s best achievements at a given point in time. Profiles are primarily aimed at children and their parents and draw together a range of information about a child or young person’s learning. It is one of the ways in which a child’s achievements can be recognised. Nationally it has been agreed that profiles will be produced at the P7 and S3 stage. The profiling process gives your child the opportunity to talk about their learning and achievements with yourself and others and can challenge, motivate and support all learners. The intention is to give a rounded picture of your child, their achievements and progress in learning to date.


There is a Guidance note for parents on profiling which is available from your school.

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