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Shawhead Primary School

Getting it Right for Every Child (GIRFEC)


Getting it right for every child (GIRFEC) is an approach from The Scottish Government that sets out how schools and other services should work with children and their families. GIRFEC is all about ensuring that children get the help they need when they need it – the right help at the right time. For you and your child, GIRFEC means that:


  • You are the expert on your child and what you think matters. Getting it right for every child means that the School will always seek to involve you, to listen to your opinions and take them seriously.
  • From April 2013 your child will have a Named Person in the School. If you or your child need any advice or any support, the Named Person is your first point of contact and will make sure you get the help or advice that you need. Having a Named Person means that if there is anything that could affect your child’s wellbeing, he or she will receive support as quickly as possible so that problems do not develop.
  • If your child has complex needs and needs help from several different services, GIRFEC means that all these services must work together for you and your child. You should never have to keep telling your story to lots of different staff in the School or the Education Department or the NHS. Your child will have a single plan that everyone works to and everyone is clear about what they are doing. When your child moves to secondary school there will be a Transition Plan in place for them in good time.


For more information on Getting it Right For Every Child email GIRFEC@dumgal.gov.uk.

Shawhead Primary School


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