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Shawhead Primary School

Positive Behaviour and Celebrating Success


It is our aim to co-operate in helping our pupils to develop self-discipline, to be tolerant and caring and to work co-operatively with others.

To foster self-discipline, teachers reinforce and praise good behaviour. Unacceptable behaviour is dealt with quietly but firmly.

To promote positive behaviour, we have Behaviour Passports which are filled in weekly by staff and are taken home to show parents how well their child is behaving. Good behaviour is rewarded by a “smiley face” each day. Each “smiley face” earns five minutes of Golden Time on a Friday (to a maximum of 25 minutes). The smiley face chart links closely with the Behaviour Passport. We expect and reward good behaviour in and out of school.

Pupils are encouraged to behave in a mature and sensible manner and take responsibility for their behaviour and learning.   The school has an active Pupil Council who seek the views of other pupils whilst working in partnership with staff. Pupil Council members are voted on to the Council on a yearly basis, one from each year group, by their peers.   The school operates a buddy system and Primary 7 pupils have the responsibility of being monitors. Throughout the school pupils can achieve house points for work and behaviour.

If behavioural difficulties do arise, or unacceptable behaviour becomes evident, parents are contacted at an early stage and expected to co-operate in ensuring that the child conforms to the high standards set by the school.

The pupils recognise that rules are important in all areas of life. School rules are necessary, but ours are very simple:

We look after ourselves.

We don’t behave in a dangerous or silly way.

We are gentle.

We don’t hurt others

We are kind and helpful.

We don’t hurt anybody’s feelings

We listen.

We don’t interrupt.

We are honest.

We don’t cover up the truth.

We work hard.

We don’t waste our own or others time.

We look after property.

We don’t waste or damage things.


The school has a detailed Promoting Positive Behaviour and Relationships Policy and a copy is available on request if any parents wish further information on this matter.

Shawhead Primary School


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