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Shawhead Primary School



Moving to Secondary School; Catchment Secondary School

Transfer from primary to secondary school will be dealt with by direct approach to parents from individual primary schools.  Our catchment secondary school is Maxwelltown High School. Information regarding catchment areas can be found on the Council’s web site by accessing ‘Find My Nearest‘. Parents can opt for any secondary school and full details on how to enroll or move school are available from the school or on the Council’s website.


Transition Activities with Maxwelltown High School

We work closely with Maxwelltown High School staff to provide a variety of exciting transitional activities for pupils from mainly Primary 5 upwards.  Our children visit and undertake activities at Maxwelltown High as well as our secondary colleagues coming into our school and working with our teachers to organise learning activities within our school together.

Increasingly strong curricular links with Maxwelltown High School are being developed as part of the CfE guidelines and Framework and these are to be welcomed.  The staff at Lochside are actively involved in promoting Primary/ Secondary liaison.  We are currently working with our secondary colleagues to develop a consistent approach towards learning and teaching as well as in our assertive discipline approaches.


Transitions within Shawhead Primary School

At the start of a new year the class focus will be on building up a positive learning environment and creating positive relationships.  This then sets the standard for the rest of the school year.


Induction Days

Evening visits for prospective pupils and parents are arranged for each school on different evenings in November. Ms Smith, the Head Teacher at Maxwelltown High School visits the children in Shawhead Primary at various times across the year to get to know the children and discuss what life is like at the secondary school.

In June your child will spend three induction days in the Secondary School to which they are transferring.


Support Available – Enhanced Transition from Primary to Secondary

If your child requires it, the ASL team can organise an enhanced transition form Primary to Secondary.  You will be invited to this meeting as well as your child’s class teacher, the ASL teacher as well as a Secondary Pupil Support Teacher to ensure that we work together to promote a positive transition for your child.

Shawhead Primary School


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Head Teacher – Mrs. Karen Little
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