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Shawhead Primary School



The school offers a curriculum based on the principle of providing pupils with a structure and programme of activities which will ensure breadth, balance, continuity and progression. The focus of the teaching methods is on the children learning through activity. This will enable them to develop skills in a range of curricular areas and will provide them with opportunities to research, investigate, solve problems and work with practical materials.


The main areas covered are:



Expressive Arts

Reading Art Design
Writing Drama
Talking Music
Listening Media


Religious and Moral Education

Mathematics Christianity
Number, Money, Measurement Other World Religions
Shape, Position and Movement Development of Beliefs & Values
Information Handling
Problem Solving and Enquiry

Health & Wellbeing


Mental & Emotional Wellbeing Technological Developments in Social Society
Physical Wellbeing I.C.T.
Planning for Choices & Changes Business Contexts
Physical Education Computing Science Contexts
Nutrition Craft, Design & Engineering Contexts
Substance Misuse
Relationships, Sexual Health & Parenthood

Social Studies


People, Past Events & Societies Planet Earth
People, Places & Environment Forces, Electricity & Waves
People, Society, Economy & Business Biological Systems
Topical Science


The Curriculum for Excellence provides a framework within which learning in each of these areas can be organised and progress is measured in stages; early, first, second and third.


Modern Languages


It is Regional policy to introduce a Modern European language from Primary 6 onwards. At Shawhead, French is introduced from Primary 1. Initially this takes the form of simple vocabulary, used in the context of the classroom. As the children become more proficient they are introduced to games and songs and simple topics to extend their vocabulary. Throughout the school the emphasis is on the spoken word.


Religious Education


Shawhead Primary School has a long connection with the Parish of Irongray and the Presbyterian Church of Scotland. The school chaplain is the Minister of Irongray Church.


It is school and Regional policy that children may be withdrawn from Religious Education or Observance at the request of the parent. However, it is not the policy of the school to indoctrinate children with any religious ideal but rather to make them aware of the beliefs held by many different groups and to instil empathy towards these varying beliefs.


Christianity will be studied alongside other major world religions and school assemblies will support the Religious and Moral Education programme.


Extra Curricular Activities


We are keen to provide activities outwith the teaching day. However, this depends on the talents and goodwill of staff and parents who are prepared to give up their valuable time to organise clubs for the children.


At present we offer an occasional Active After Schools Club, plus seasonal gardening and games clubs. Various community events take place throughout the year within Shawhead village and the children are very often invited to participate.

Shawhead Primary School


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Head Teacher – Mrs. Karen Little
Present roll: 40
Number of classes: 2

Local Authority

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Director Children, Young People and Lifelong Learning

Colin Grant
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