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Shawhead Primary School

Adult Helpers in School


There are many reasons why adults are invited to come into school to assist in the delivery of the curriculum. At Shawhead we welcome adult helpers and see this as a way of enriching the experience of the children. This partnership with other adults provides an opportunity for the children to learn from someone else’s skills and expertise.

Adult helpers may be asked to assist with classroom activities or on excursions, but the class teacher will always retain full responsibility in matters of discipline and safety.

Nowadays, to ensure the safety of children, the school is required to keep a register of all adults working with children.   As a further safeguard all our adult helpers are required to undergo a Protection of Vulnerable Groups scheme check. As parents have trust in the school in matters relating to their child, adult helpers are given clear guidance on the importance of confidentiality.

When adults offer to help with school activities it is an excellent opportunity for them to share their knowledge and skills with the children. At Shawhead we hope that such generosity in offering time and expertise will be repaid in the enjoyment derived from working with the children.

Shawhead Primary School


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