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What is Additional Support for Learning (ASL)?

If your child needs extra help or support in addition to that which is usually provided in school they can be said to have ‘Additional Support Needs’. Children may need additional support for short or long periods of time and for a variety of reasons. The reasons can include:

  • Social or emotional difficulties
  • Problems at home
  • Being particularly able
  • A physical disability
  • Moving home frequently
  • Behavioural difficulties
  • Bullying
  • A sensory impairment
  • Communication problems
  • Being a young carer
  • Being a young parent
  • Having English as a second language
  • A learning disability
  • Autism
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder


If you have any concerns about your child you should speak to a member of staff in the school in the first instance. There are a number of ways in which concerns can be followed up. This may involve the input of other educational professionals such as Specialist teachers (Additional Support for Learning teacher, Educational Visitor, Sensory Impairment Specialists) and Educational Psychologists. It may also involve your child being referred onto staff in external agencies such as health staff (Speech and Language therapist, Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist etc.). As a parent you will be closely involved in the whole process and your views sought throughout. If, after discussion with all concerned, it is felt appropriate, your child will have an educational plan agreed which will identify how they are to be supported.

Your child’s progress will be kept under review and any plans and support will be changed as necessary. As a parent you will be closely involved in any review process. There will be several opportunities for you to discuss your child’s progress. This may be through informal discussion with the teacher or at Parents’ Nights or it may also be through more formal, focussed meetings with all agencies involved. You should discuss and agree with the school how you would like to be involved.

At the moment a small number of children will require a more detailed planning process which co-ordinates the input of education and other agencies to fully support the child. This plan is called a Co-ordinated Support Plan. The Co-ordinated Support Plan process is managed by Education Officers with responsibility for Additional Support for Learning.

Further information on all of the above is available from the school or on the Council website or from the following sources:


  • Enquire – the Scottish advice and information service for additional support for learning, a charitable body registered in Scotland under registration number SC003527.
  • Scottish Independence Advocacy Alliance – a charitable body registered in Scotland under registration number SC033576.
  • Scottish Child Law Centre – a charitable body registered in Scotland under registration number SC012741.

Parents may also access further support through mediation services provided by Common Ground Mediation or advocacy support through People’s Advocacy Support Service (P.A.S.S. Direct) or Parents Inclusion Network (PIN) .

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