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Shawhead Primary School

New Entrants


Enrolment of new entrants usually takes place January/February and the dates and times are published in the local press. Parents should bring along their child’s birth certificate.

In the summer term preceding school entry, new entrants are invited to spend some time in school, getting to know the other children and the class teacher. Parents will be invited to a meeting with the Head Teacher who will provide an introduction to the school and helpful hints about preparing the children for school.

Under Parents’ Charter arrangements you can request a place at any of the authority primary schools. If you express a preference for a particular school, the Council have a duty to grant it wherever possible.   However, the size of the school, the current roll and number of children who already live in the catchment area and other factors will affect the council’s ability to grant a placing request.


Induction Programme

There is a well established induction programme for pre-school children.   The school makes every effort to familiarise pre-school children with the daily activities of the school.   Pre-schoolers are invited to attend occasional events such as pantomime, school concerts and theatre visits. On a formal basis pre-school pupils are invited to attend two morning sessions in June prior to entry in August.


Entrants from other Schools

Parents should telephone the school to arrange a suitable time for parents and entrants to visit the school. After enrolment, pupils are placed according to their date of birth.

Shawhead Primary School


Telephone: 01387 730240

Head Teacher – Mrs. Karen Little
Present roll: 40
Number of classes: 2

Local Authority

Dumfries and Galloway Council Council Offices
English Street

Telephone: 03 03 3333000

Director Children, Young People and Lifelong Learning

Colin Grant
30 Edinburgh Road

Telephone: 03 03 333 3000