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Shawhead Primary School

Health and Safety


Health Promotion

Shawhead is a Health Promoting School and the health of our pupils is extremely important to us. Mrs. Little is our health promotion staff member and regularly organises events that promote health and well-being. At present we have Headmaster’s Milk every day. We actively encourage the children to participate in all manner of health promotion from playground games to whole day/class events.


Emergency Procedures

If your child feels ill during the school day and we feel that he/she would be better at home, we will telephone you or your emergency contact. Minor accidents, e.g. cuts, bruises, are dealt with by the school staff. Serious accidents are few, but should one occur your child will be immediately taken either to your doctor or to hospital, if necessary, and you or your emergency contact will be notified. We cannot stress enough the importance of supplying the school with the relevant information we require in such a situation, i.e. your own home and work number and a telephone number of an emergency contact.

We will request such information at the beginning of each new school year. Please update this as necessary


Health Care

Education Services is committed to ensuring that all children are able to fully participate in the life of the school. Many children will require their health care needs to be met at sometime within the nursery/school environment, for most children this will be for short periods of time only, but for some children this may require more long term planning and support. If your child has any health care needs please contact the school to discuss arrangements. Full details of the support available and your role as a parent and the role of your child are contained within ‘The Nursery and School Policy on Health Care Procedures Sept 2012’ which is available from the school or on the Council website.


Medical/First Aid Procedures

We have first aiders in school and one will determine the necessary course of action should your child become injured.

If an injury is sustained that causes concern you will be called upon to attend school in the first instance to collect your child and have the injury attended to. If the school is unable to contact home or emergency contact the school will ensure that your child receives the appropriate medical attention.



While they are concerned for the overall well-being of pupils, school staff are under no obligation to administer medication. This is the responsibility of the parent. If a child requires medication during school hours, wherever possible the parent should come into school and dispense it or arrange for the pupil to return home at lunchtime.

Where there is need for administration of medication during school hours, parents will be asked to complete a parental request form which should be returned to the Head Teacher along with the medication. Any such medication should be clearly marked with the pupil’s name and dosage and will be kept in the school office. If your child requires an inhaler we should be similarly informed.


Intimate Care

From time to time ”accidents” involving soiling or wetting do happen.   If this happens to your child, the staff will endeavour to deal with the situation as sensitively and discretely as possible, and to keep you informed.

The action taken might include:

  • Offering the child fresh clean clothes from a stock held in school, and the chance to wash or wipe themselves in private.
  • Helping the child to clean up, if they are happy for this to happen, and if there is a suitable adult around to assist.
  • Contacting parents or emergency contacts to come into school, or take the child home, to clean up.


Head Lice

If you find that your child has head lice these should be treated with the recommended lotions available from the chemist.   If however you are unsure how to treat this please inform the school and the school nurse can be contacted and will be able to give you advice.   If the school find head lice parents/carers will be duly informed.


Fire safety procedures

In the unlikely event of fire, all children are expected to evacuate the building by the nearest exit and to muster in the school playground (next to the mesh fence) so that a full register may be taken.

Fire drill will be practised on a termly basis with a weekly check to each alarm made by the janitor.


Wet Weather Procedures

During the wet months of October to March all children are asked to bring suitable footwear (and spare pairs of socks) for playing on the grass as it may be slippery and so pose a safety hazard.

If the weather is too bad to allow children the opportunity to play outside they will be allowed to play in the school hall with toys and equipment designated “wet play”. P7 monitors and our classroom assistant will oversee the safety of both classes.

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