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Shawhead Primary School

School Closure


Severe Weather and School Closure Arrangements

Head Teachers are authorised to make an emergency closure when the state of the weather or any other exceptional circumstance make it absolutely necessary in the best interests of the pupils.   In these circumstances parents will be communicated with in a variety of ways including text messages/ phone calls and emergency contact arrangements. All school closures will be notified on the Council Website.


Emergency Closures

If the school has to close early in an emergency such as the failure of the water supply or a severe snow storm, it would obviously be impossible to notify all parents in advance. In such circumstances, we will endeavour to telephone all parents to check that there is someone at home, but it would be helpful if all the children knew their emergency contact as that is where we would expect to send them.

In the event of bad weather parents can help by observing the following:

  1. It is the responsibility of parents of children who live a distance from the school to decide whether it is advisable to send them, bearing in mind that you may have to come and collect them if the weather deteriorates.
  1. If, where you live, bad weather develops during the day, you may decide to come and collect your child before school ends.
  1. If possible let your child know where you will be during the day and tell them that if the school is closed they will be sent to their emergency contact if there is no one at home, but you will collect them from there.
  1. If your child travels to school on the school bus you should give him clear instructions about what he should do if the bus fails to turn up to take him to school.

Shawhead Primary School


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